Monday, February 2, 2015

Currently February

Let's be real. I am not the best blogger. I have really tried to spend the month of January spending time with family. Plus, the Mister and I have been doing Whole30 and so I have cooking my life away{totally exaggerating}. Mix all that in with Middle of the Year Assessments and Report Cards, January has been so busy y'all!
But I just couldn't miss Farley's Currently February Link Up so here we are!
I just love The Ellen Show! Thankfully, most days I am able to get home before it starts. I am going to be real. The first 20 minutes are always my fave! Her monologue and the funny segments she does in the beginning are just hilarious!
I love the new running shoes the Mister bought me this month! Going to the gym has been something I have been doing pretty much on the reg these days and the cheapo 20 dollar shoes that I bought at Costco last year just weren't cutting it. So the Mister spent his spending money last month and bought me some fancy Asics running shoes! He's seriously the best and I love, Love, LOVE the shoes! 
I am on Day 23 of the Whole30. I was going to wait until February 1st to start but we ran out of groceries in the middle of January so we just jumped right in! It has totally challenged and changed the way I thought about food. I am so thankful for that because I didn't have the best relationship with sugar in particular. We are going to introduce one or two items back into our diet after Whole30 and allow ourselves to go out every now and again but we are going to stick to Whole30 other than that!
About this time last year, I was absolutely sick of snow days. We just had so many and school was so inconsistent. In North Carolina, typically when it snows, the teachers still have an optional teacher work day. That basically means, come to work or use leave to take a day off. I'll just be honest, I am stickler when it comes to taking off. I love seeing my leave build up so I normally go into work during those optional work days. We haven't had any snow so far this year and I would just love to see one good snow! I think I would even take a day off if it was a good snow day! :)
To Lesson Plan. What's new? I love planning what I am doing with my kiddos but I REALLY dislike typing it all out or writing it all down. I totally need to get better at that! I am so jealous of all of you that do cute visual plans with links to the products that you are using.
[I just have one question to ask you. WHERE DO YOU FIND ALL THAT TIME?]
{pageant title}
One of the biggest things that I am missing during Whole30 is my sweet tea. I just love sweet tea. I am not planning on drinking it as much as I was before Whole30 because I know that there is a gazillion grams of sugar in it but I would love to have a glass of sweet tea every now and again.
Apparently, I am already known for my title as the Sweet Tea Sweetie because one of the Kindergarten assistants came into my classroom with a little Dixie glass of sweet tea because she thought her tea didn't taste right. Even though I knew that it probably wouldn't taste good, my mouth started watering as soon as she said what was in it. How I miss thee, sweet tea!
Have a Happy February guys!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who kind of forgot about the blogging world in the month of February - hopefully I'll be a bit better this month :) I admire your commitment to the Whole30 and am looking forward to hearing how it all works out. Happy Monday!

    Paiges of Learning

    1. I hope to be better a blogging this month too! Thanks so much for stopping by Paige!

  2. I did Whole 30 in October and got fabulous results. Then the holidays came and it was all down hill from there. I tried to jump back on the 30 bandwagon in January, but failed miserably. I NEED to get it together!!! Love your blog design.

    1. Thanks KaSandra! I am loving the Whole30! We are planning on sticking to Whole 30 except for going out to eat which we are limiting to probably 2 times a week. I honestly couldn't do it without my husband! He has a no excuses mentality which helps me a ton! I probably would have cheated by now if it wasn't for him! I am so thankful that I haven't though!

      Find a friend to do it with! You can do it! :)

  3. I love the Ellen Show too! You actually reminded me that I need to set up my DVR to record it. I am in the state below you and praying for a good snow day too! Or at least a 2 hour delay. I just need sleep.

    Cupcakes and Lesson Plans

    1. My fingers are crossed that our wish comes true! Thanks for stopping by Amanda!

  4. I love ELLEN too! I watch it on my snow days here in Ohio! We've had 6 so far! I love when she gives things and $ away to people that need them at the end of her show. Talk about "paying it forward!"

    I hear you about wondering where some folks find the time to do such beautiful weekly plans with resource links. I use a template but it is concise and not too fancy. I am also the type that sort of goes with the flow when it comes to our daily schedule, so mine get marked up and post-it noted pretty quickly!

    Good for your for sticking with the Whole30 plan! I follow a few people on Instagram who've been doing it, and the meals they prepare look so delicious and nutritious!

    Stories and Songs in Second

    1. I am so with you Jennifer! Some of my best lessons are times that I just go with the flow! I love that! Thank you for coming by Chalkboard Charm!

  5. I love Ellen too! Yeah for new running shoes. I just bought some too totally not planned but couldn't pass up a sale. I hear you on the snow and snow days. I worked only 11 days in January last year thanks to all the snow and cold but could definitely go for some snow about now. Congrats on doing the Whole 30.

    Apples and Papers

    1. Those sales always get me too! At least we will look cute while working out!

  6. That whole thing about the optional work day or use a day of your own! EW! I am so sorry to hear this--takes all the fun out of snow days for sure!