Sunday, January 4, 2015

Currently January

I'm in full denial that it is the day before school starts back! Winter break was just way too good to me and I am definitely wishing that it was longer! I didn't do a single thing for school during the break which was great in one sense but, now I am sort of in panic mode to get it all done! Thankfully we have a workday on Monday! Hopefully I will be productive and get everything prepared!
Well anyway, The beginning of a new month means that it is time for a Currently January Link Up with Farley.

 It is absolutely quiet in our house. The Mister is working on planning his personal training sessions for the week and I am working on this, of course. It is so peaceful and I am loving it!
 Geez, I know. So cheesy to put my husband for what I am loving but he is straight up amazing. He's been my work out partner during winter break which is a big task in itself! He sacrifices so much to make me a happy lady and I am so grateful! Definitely the kind of husband that a little girl dreams about and prays for!
I am helping host the North Carolina Teacher Blogger Meet Up with several other NC teachers and I am just so excited! I know it is going to be a blast meeting other teachers from the Tar Heel State!
So thankful to be a little part of the meet up!
 Although winter break was just so wonderful, I would just love a few more days of winter break! My bedtime has been all thrown off because of New Years and I can't seem to get it back in check. For example, I was up until 2 am last night. I just might die tomorrow when I have to wake up early and go to work!
 A work day for tomorrow means that I will be lesson planning all day! I am trying to revamp a few of my centers so I will hopefully get all of that done tomorrow!  "I will be productive. I will be productive. I will be productive." Maybe if I keep saying it, it will become a reality. I'll let you know! :)
My husband and I are doing Whole30 for the month of February and a few days either in January or March. The book should come in tomorrow and I am so excited to read it!
I so envy all of you that are journal keepers. I think I might give it a shot this year. In a way, this blog serves as a journal but I am thinking about keeping a paper one for everyday use. I think it is such a great thing to be able to look back on at the end of a year or even a month to see what you were going through and how God was working!
{I wish}
Fixer Upper comes on in three days! I am so excited to watch season two. I would absolute love to be on that show! Obviously, the Mister and I are not in need of a new house since we just moved into our new house in November but by golly, I would consider it if Chip and Joanna would come and reno and decorate it for me.
Plus, I have a mini-crush on Chip. I am pretty sure that I have watched every episode of Season 1 multiple times and I still giggle at his jokes, all while my husband is sitting next to me shaking his head! HA!

Cheers to a fabulous January and New Year!


  1. I am so excited to hear that Megan also designed your blog - it looks fabulous!

    Good luck on your Whole30 journey! I am following many teachers on IG that started the Whole30 last week or are starting tomorrow. The food pictures have looked amazing - how can it be hard?

    Best of luck as you head back to school this week!

    1. Thank you so much! It's only 30 days so I hope I can make it! Thanks so much for stopping by Chalkboard Charm!

  2. I would love a workday tomorrow, but it is back to the daily grind!

    I love watching Fixer Upper too, but I really want to buy that beach house and get it for free too!

    Have a good first day back!

    Reading Toward the Stars

    1. Thank you so much Andrea! Today was my first day back with the kids and I survived! Hope your first day back went well too!

  3. I would have done just about anything to have a work day on Monday. Instead we were back at it full force! I am also from the great state of North Carolina~ and looking to revamp my centers! I have a group of fairly low first graders.. if you have any ideas for word work I would love the help :)


    Fabulous Fun In Grade 1

    1. What is your email Whitney and I can try and send you some of my ideas!