Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Made It! Freebies Galore!

It's time for Monday Made It! I had initially intended for this post to be a Five for Friday post but my Friday/weekend was completely full with all things crazy! I had to come back to the drawing board and reevaluate so here we are!

This is going to be a huge post because you will find 5 freebies in it! In return for the 5 freebies, I ask that you follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers and give me some meaningful feedback!

 Are you as excited as I am?! I surely hope so!!!
You know that saying, "Better late, than never." Well this freebie definitely is falling under that category.
Most normal people have certificates to send home on the first day of school showing parents that their student had a great first day. This year my to-do list on the first day of school had 794 things on it so the first day of school certificates just didn't happen. If this sounds anything like you, sending home certificates at the end of the week is a little more doable. In the pack, you can find certificates for Preschool up to Fifth Grade. I have included both color and black and white certificates as well as full page certificates and certificates that are four to a page.
Since you are probably well into your school year, I know that you might not be able to use these this year but I am making them a forever freebie so you can use them for years to come. Click on the picture for the product!
Can I tell you a secret? This year will be the first year that I have ever displayed my students' birthdays. I know! I know! I am horrible! I always see so many teachers with the cutest birthday displays so this year I am determined to put one up for myself!
I was totally inspired by Hope King's Classroom Décor Packs, specifically her birthday display. Here is some eye candy. I found these on Pinterest. The first picture is from Hope King's blog post about her Décor Packs and the second is from Sailing Into Second's Classroom.
 Click here to see Hope King's Décor Packs.
 I didn't need a whole pack of décor, just the birthday display so I decided to use my color scheme and make my own version.  I currently use turquoise and lime green in my classroom so these had to match! If you have a specific color scheme that you would like to make, I would love to help! The turquoise and lime green birthday display will always be free but the new color schemes will put up for sale soon! Click on the picture to go to the freebie in my store!
During morning meeting, every day, the class and I recite our 5 classroom rules. I have motions that go along with the rules to help my kinder friend remember them and to make them have more meaning! I saw Maria Manore's classroom rules displayed in the most precious frames last year and I just knew that I had to have something like that of my own! Here is Maria's Classroom Rules.
I found some frames at Michaels and made some rule posters of my own! This is what mine ended up looking like!
 If you would like a copy of my Classroom Rules Posters click on the picture below to pick them up in my TPT store.
One of the greatest things that I have done in my classroom is possibly the simplest thing that I have done. Three words: Line Up Numbers.
I simply cut the numbers out, laminate them, and tape them to the floor with packaging tape. It seriously makes the straightest line and is the best for Kinders who are just learning what a line is! These numbers can be used as a number line or labels. Click on the picture to go to my store for the freebie!
 Lastly, I have made a poster for my class to keep track of how many days we have been in school! I printed and laminated it and now have it posted with my classroom calendar. You can see it in my classroom here.

Click the picture to grab the freebie!
Have a great week guys! If you have any color scheme requests, let me know!


Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently

I cannot believe that it is September already! The summer just flew by and now fall is upon us! It's still pretty warm here in North Carolina but I am sure that cooler temperatures will be upon us soon! There are so many fun things to do during fall! The Mr. and I go to Linville Falls in the Blue Ridge Mountains every year and I just cannot wait to go this year! In fact, Linville Falls is where the Mr. proposed so it's definitely a special place for us!
Anyways, I am linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for Currently September!

Listening- I seriously love listening to Christy Nockels! She is one of the worship leaders at Passion City Church and is a very well known Christian artist! Her voice and songs are seriously amazing and anointed! {Fun Fact: I walked down the aisle to her song, Grace Flows Down.}
Loving- I am loving that it is officially September because that means that Krista Wallden's Fall VIP Membership has begun! I was a part of the Summer VIP and just knew that I had to do the Fall VIP as well! I opened up Week 1 today and Krista didn't disappoint! I'm obsessed with all things Creative Clips! You can find the Fall VIP here.
Thinking- It seems like my mind never rests when it comes to school stuff! We had a great first week of school in my class but of course I am spending this weekend reflecting on what I did last week and what I need to do this week. We are going to hit the ground running this week with literacy centers! I spend last week introducing the concept of centers with fine motor centers that I got from Crystal at Kreative in Kinder. You can find those centers here and here.
Wanting- Three day weekends are just so nice! I get so much done during them and still get plenty of rest! The Mr. and I are getting to spend some time together too which is always my favorite! I know some schools only go to school Monday-Thursday every week! I am so curious to how that works out! If that's you, let me know!
Needing- I am planning a big post on Friday! It is stuffed full of freebies that I have been working on! Make sure to Follow me on TPT and Bloglovin to make sure that you don't miss out on the fun! These will be the first products in my TPT store! Thanks Megan Farve from I Teach What's Your Superpower for the cutest graphics that I used to make this banner!
3 Trips
Vegas- I am determined to go to Vegas for the I teach K conference or the TPT conference next year! I loved seeing everyone's pictures this year but I want to be a part of all the fun this year! Anybody want to come with?!
Hawaii- The Mr. and I have always wanted to go to Hawaii and who wouldn't?! The beaches are so pretty that they look like the screensavers that you used to put on your desktop in the 90's. One day!
Portland- I became an aunt for the first time in July and my little nephew lives in Portland! I get to meet him for the first time this coming weekend because my sister-in-law is coming into town to visit and I just can't wait! The Mr. and I are planning on going to Portland during the fall this year to visit baby Jude and his awesome parents and we are so excited! The pictures that my sister-in-law have posted since they have moved there have been amazing! Neither of us have been to the West Coast so we are excited to take the trip soon!
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