Friday, February 27, 2015

Five for Friday

It's time for another Five for Friday link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching!

I posted my first paid product on Teachers Pay Teachers this week! I have been working on this product over the last year and I am so proud to share it with you!
See what Sight Word Scoops looks like in my classroom here.
Find it on Teachers Pay Teachers here.
The Mister and I were planning on doing a mini round of Whole30 this week! We completed our first real round of Whole30 almost three weeks ago! I got great results from doing it for 30 days! We learned so much about our food choices and how they affect us. We wanted to make sure that we are still keeping up our good habits so we decided to try and be 100% Whole30 compliant Monday-Friday.
{and it was Freddy's 90th Birthday so we celebrated with custard}
{and I bought a roll of cookie dough}
{and we have had Mellow Mushroom and Chick-fil-a}
{not all in the same day}
{for the LOVE of snow days!}
{yes, I am blaming my bad habits on snow days ;) }
Do you journal? I am definitely a wannabe journaler{wait, what?}. I bought this journal during one of my snow days last week and I am loving it! I hoping to fill it up with things and people that I am praying for!
I have spend the last few days digger deeper into Scripture and it has been amazing! I focused on Joel 2:13 this week. I found this lock screen on the She Reads Truth App. If you don't have that app, go download it right now! I love it!  
 Today is the eighth snow day that we have had so far this year! Wednesday night, a big{by Southern definition} snowstorm hit North Carolina and we got over 5 inches of snow at our house! It was absolutely gorgeous! We made a snowman and I might have put a lei on him to encourage summer to come along a little faster!
I might have not given him a face either! I didn't want to sacrifice my veggies!
{not like my meals this week proved that I even eat veggies}
I actually posted another product to TPT this week too. Reminder Bracelets were the answer to needing a way to inform and remind my parents about upcoming activities and events without having to type up an additional newsletter and waste a ton of paper. These bracelets come 10 to a page and are so easy to print, cut, and tape around a kiddo's arm. It is a growing resource and so if you have certain events that you would like to have reminder bracelets for, purchase the pack here and email me your suggestion. For every 25 bracelets that I add, the price will go up a buck! So the earlier you buy, the more bang for your buck!

Happy weekend!!!

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  1. I'm also a wannabe journaler. I never actually write though. I need to make this a routine!