Saturday, February 28, 2015

You can COUNT ON IT!

Hi guys! I am coming at you with another new product in my store! You can thank all the snow days that North Carolina has had for that!
I started creating this pack in the fall. I got the idea from my co-workers when I first started teaching Kindergarten. I wanted to create my own spin on their idea using cute clip art of course! So Count On It counting mats were born!
Initially, I thought that I would create between 5 or 10 counting mats and 1 recording sheet to go with each counting mat. Well, I somehow ended up with 28 different counting mats, 2 recording sheets, and an answer key for each counting mat!
I laminate the counting mats or sometimes I just throw them into a dry erase pocket. I like to do this mainly so that my Kinders who need some reinforcement and counting practice can cross count the objects on the page. I choose which recording sheet I would like for the specific counting mat and my Kinders complete it during a center rotation.
 I have all of the answer keys cut, laminated, and put on a binder ring so that I can easily access the answers for the counting mat. If I am feeling really wild, I let my Kinders check their own work. It just depends!

If you would like to check out more about the Count On It Pack, check it out here.

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