Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monday Made It on a Tuesday

I grew up in a small city outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Being near a big city, scheduling was everything to me. I was that girl who showed up to every class, appointment, and meal 15 minutes early. I couldn't tell you the number of times that I sat in my car until the time I was supposed be there. I definitely didn't want anyone to know that I was nerdy like that.
Well, a year and a half ago, I moved to North Carolina. I try to explain this to friends back home but there isn't really a thing known as "scheduling" up here. Sure, you set a time that you are supposed to be somewhere but there is an unspoken understanding that everyone will be there late. Let me just tell you, I now LOVE this.
So today, I am just keeping up with the best of them in NC and posting my Monday Made Its on Tuesday. I have got to tell you, Monday Made It is by far my favorite linky! Click the picture below to see all the other bloggers who have Made Its this week!
I have been all shades of motivated to get things done for the classroom as of late. Less than 5 weeks until the first day of school! Typing it out makes it look like it's forever away but I know it is going to go by so quickly!
 My husband and I went to Ikea this weekend on the way home from a wedding in Georgia. We left with so much stuff! That place is so dangerous! Around every turn there was something I just couldn't live without! We have been on a search for nightstands for a year and nothing seemed quite right. I would find ones that I loved but I didn't love the price tag. There are always the cheap ones you can find but I never liked the looks of them and they were never sturdy. We found this nightstand online. It definitely needed help but the bones were good and so was the price.
 I spend all day yesterday and this morning priming, putting together, and painting two of those night stands. I did not love Ikea as much as I just mentioned during that time. They were seriously a pain but I enjoy being Mrs. Fix-It. So after a long day, here is the semi-final project.  
I say semi-final because I am thinking about adding a little basket in the open space and maybe some nail trim around the edges. We shall see!
 Next up are these little teacher info cards. I put my email and school number where the dividers are. I have printed and laminated them and will put a magnet on the back for the parents to take home on Meet the Teacher Night.
 Do you have a bathroom in your classroom? I do! When I took over for the teacher who left in the middle of the year, she had a big stop sign for her kids to flip over when they went to the restroom. She took it with her when she left and I never replaced it. I decided to keep the same idea but to have an updated version and this is what I came up with.
I plan to laminate this front and back and then post it by the bathroom door.

My last project was definitely inspired from Maria Manore at Kindercraze. When she posted the picture of her classroom rules last year, I was in love. Here are Maria's Rules.
Aren't they just precious! Click the picture to go to Maria's store and purchase her rules from TPT.
Well I just knew that I had to have some of my own. My classroom last year was all sorts of bright colors but this year I wanted to scale it down to mainly turquoise and lime green. I also had my own set of rules that have hand motions to go with them that we recite every day. Because of that, I decided to make my own classroom rules. I bought the frames at Michaels and got the paint at HobLob. Check them out.
 What do you think? The light distorts the green a little bit but it is a very neon green. I really love how they turned out!
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  1. Love #2 teacher cards..errr...magnets! Such a clever idea! xxoxx

    1. You are too sweet Katie! Thank you! You are the best!

  2. Love the frames and your rules! They look terrific! =)
    One Happy Teacher

    1. Thank you Wendy!! I really love them!

  3. Hey Chicky, looks like you've been busy. I'm very impressed! I actually really liked the night stand idea b/c for years, I've had the ugly unfinished nightstands that I never bothered with. I may just have to spruce them up now. Never thought to add different knobs.
    Now that I'm back from Wisconsin, I'm going to try to get my blog up and running. See you soon!

    1. Thanks Mrs. Ramos! I can't get away from school stuff! Just love working on little projects! We love our new night stands too! Back to School is right around the corner!