Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Connect with Chalkboard Charm

I have been asked several times, "How can I keep up with Chalkboard Charm?"
Well by golly, I am so glad you asked!!!
There are several ways that you can get connected to Chalkboard Charm.
The first way that you can connect with Chalkboard Charm is by following me on Bloglovin! Not sure what Bloglovin is? Then I am about to rock your world! Bloglovin is an awesome website that you can use to keep up with your fave blogs {including Chalkboard Charm}.

And that's not all!!!! {said in my best game show host voice}

Bloglovin can also be downloaded from the App Store so you can find out what is going on with Chalkboard Charm on your smart phone! Click on the link below to become a follower of Chalkboard Charm!

Follow on Bloglovin
The next way you can get connected with Chalkboard Charm is to become a fan on Facebook! Now, let me be real. My Facebook page isn't pretty by any means. In fact, I just created it. I've got a little surprise coming in approximately 2 weeks or less that's going to change everything!!!!!! I'm so excited about it I could faint! All the more reason to get connected to Chalkboard Charm on Facebook! You can become a fan here or search for Chalkboard Charm!
Up next, Instagram. This is definitely my new{ish} love of social media! The more that I am on Instagram, the more I love it! I am constantly posting things on Instagram that is teaching and classroom related. Honestly, I normally post things on Instagram before it gets to Chalkboard Charm so following me on Instagram means you will get the first peek of all my projects!
Last but certainly not least, Pinterest. Oh Pinterest, how I love thee. Is it bad that I am a little proud of my Pinterest Boards? I get so much inspiration from Pinterest for the classroom! You can follow my boards by clicking the picture below and clicking the Follow All button.
I would love to follow you on your social media sites! Leave your info in a comment and I'd love to be your latest fan!

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