Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Made It

My very first Linky Party! I die!
I have been following the Monday Made It Linky Party for what seems like forevs! I am so excited to jump on board! I didn't make too many things this week but I am still so excited to share them!

 My first Made It is the lunch choice board for my class next year! I can't tell you how excited I am about this! My school gives lunch cards for the students to use and scan when they purchase lunch from the cafeteria. When I first started working at my school in January of 2013, the kids had envelopes to put their lunch money in with their card laminated on the front of the envelope. It was definitely a great idea for the lunch money but, I dealt with too many envelopes being dropped and lost. I even had an envelope fly away! Seriously. I was an eye witness.
This year, I moved to having lanyards with badge covers like these for their lunch cards to go in. We put the lunch money in the pocket of the badge covers and it was golden. The only big problem with these was my lack of organization. Everyday as the kids were lining up for lunch I would call each student's name out to see if they needed their lunch lanyards. Oh my, how much time I wasted doing that! So here is my solution!
I bought everything from the project at HobLob {Gee, I love that place.} and bought everything on sale with exception of the wood plaque. It was 3 bucks if I remember correctly.
 It's not rocket science by any means but I am slightly biased when I say that it will be a life saver. Every day, I will put the students lanyards on their desks. A new part of my morning routine for the Kinders will be that they have to go hang their lanyard on the appropriate lunch choice!
Life Saved.
The next Made It, I did not make.
I bought.
Progress people.
My husband and I been living in this apartment for over 7 months. We even lived in another apartment before this one. I always thought that I would be that girl whose house was beautifully decorated with the cutest trinkets and smallest details. Well friends, life happened. If I am honest, my classroom definitely takes priority during the school year. Thank goodness summer is here because my house is getting a little help!
Last week I found these curtains on sale at Kirklands and just had to have them. They were the colors that seem to pop up everywhere in my life. Blue and Green. My classroom is turquoise and lime. My guest bathroom is a bright blue and kelly green. I had a light blue sofa when I lived in my first apartment and my main wedding color was Carolina blue. {Go Heels!}
I promise I will put a picture in that picture frame reallllll soon. Like, maybe next year.
*Disclosure-- All my photos are taken on my iPhone. These photos are subject to ridiculous filters and my attempt at making them fancy with my amazing Instagram photo editing skills. This teaching blogging world is oh so big and I am oh so small. I'll work up to those fantastic photos one day. :)
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  1. Love your curtains! They look great! Thanks for linking up:)
    4th Grade Frolics

    1. Thanks so much Tara! I seriously love your linky party!