Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Classroom Reveal 2014!!!

Y'all! School is in session! I am two days into the 2014-2015 school year and I am officially in love with my Kinders this year! We are still learning routines, procedures, and rules but I just love them! I think over the summer I forgot how quickly and easily 4, 5, and 6 year olds can love! We were no more than 4 hours into the first day of school and I had one little student wrap his arms around me and say something like this, "Mrs. Nihart, Thanks for letting me have the best day of Kindergarten ever!" My heart just melted right there on that cafeteria floor!
I have been awful at taking pictures but I have snatched a few and would love to share them with you! This is the flipbook that I made for my parents for Meet the Teacher Night! This was the first time that I used a flipbook and have gotten really good feedback on it so I think this is officially a must for next year!
 I woke up at 6am the morning of Meet the Teacher with the idea of using Krista Wallden's Candy Clipart for my "wishing wall" for extra supplies I needed! I absolutely love how it turned out! Like I said, because I didn't have too much time to put it together, I didn't get to cut out all the pieces of candy to make it perfect but I still think it is just precious!
 I love teaching children about gratitude and being thankful! I try and do this in many ways but one of the first and smallest ways I teach them is by the gifts I give them on Meet the Teacher night! I don't have a picture of their gift but I gave them a glow stick with a tag saying, "This year is going to be bright! Welcome to Kindergarten!" I also gave the parents a banana with a tag saying, "We are bananas for Kinder Parents!"
On the first day of school, I gave my parents this little note below. I wrapped it around a little pack of tissues and tied it with twine! I hope they loved it!
And now for the Classroom Reveal! I had a few more pictures than what I am posting but the lighting is horrible so I nixed those!
This is the view from my door! My school's PTA bought the chair pockets for my class at the end of last year and I just love them! They are from Really Good Stuff! I love the little green pouch that is on them!
 Here is my whole group instruction area! I was totally inspired by Maria from Kindercraze! I bought the bench from Ikea and you can also see my classroom rules posted underneath my whiteboard! My calendar is a growing calendar so I started the year with the basics: the date, weather, and how many days we have been in school. I am going to add skills to it as the year progresses!
 This is my Guided Reading/Small group area! I have my reading strategies on the bulletin board behind my table for easy access.
On a side note, if anyone has a monkey, fish, or frog beanie baby that they are willing to get rid of, I would love you!!!!
I just love the way paper lanterns and tissue poms look in a classroom but our fire marshal says that's a no go so I found a way to get around it(atleast a little bit)!
 Here is my word wall for this year as well as my computers and listening station. I haven't completely decided what I am going to put in the bins on the edge of the computer table but I am thinking possibly center storage!
 Here is the view of the back of the room! I have a bathroom in the classroom which is just amazing! The bags above the cabinets say Welcome to Kindergarten! On the far left you can see the clip chart from A Cupcake for the Teacher!
 This is the hallway outside the classroom! I display student work on these. I made them at the end of the year last year. We made the cutest Kissing Hand Craft on the first day of school so I hung them up on Monday! I found the idea from The First Grade Parade! How sweet is that Chester?
How is your week at school going?

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  1. Your room is super adorable! And your kinders are lucky to have you as their teacher!