Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Welcome to Chalkboard Charm!

{The first date}
{That nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach}
{Looking out the window every five minutes to see if he has arrived}
{Trying to pull out all the stops to impress him: the hair, the outfit, the conversation}
{Waiting by the phone the next day to see if he will call}
All these things apply to how I am feeling right now and before I become that girl who rambles the whole time on a first date, let me introduce myself!
I'm Lindsey Nihart and welcome to Chalkboard Charm! I have been teaching Kindergarten for one and a half years. It's true! I am one of those crazy teachers who started teaching Kindergarten, none the less, in the middle of the school year!
Even before I started teaching a class of my own, I discovered the world of teaching blogs. Let me tell you, it completely changed how I approach teaching. I became motivated, challenged and most of all, inspired to become a teacher who truly cares. I care not only about my students but about classroom décor, cute and meaningful activities for the classroom and finding teaching strategies that work for my kids.
I hope that Chalkboard Charm becomes a place where I can share the things that have worked for me and document my life as a teacher. So grab a glass of sweet tea and let's sit a spell! 

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