Saturday, December 6, 2014

Five for Friday (Freebie)

So thankful that it is the weekend! Time for Five for Friday!
 I posted a winter counting freebie this week! It is part of a pack that I have been working on. Pick it up, check it out, and let me know what you think!
I put my Christmas cards in the mail this week and wanted to share a few of the pictures from our photo session.

The amazing Amanda Castle took these photos and I love them! Check her out here!
I am such a proud teacher right about now! This is a sneak peek of how I keep track and manage all the sight words my kiddos learn. I created my product Sight Word Scoops at the end of last year. I teach a total of 124 sight words during the Kindergarten year. I divided these words into 8 lists. Each list is designated as a color. The first list has 12 words and all the others lists have 16 words. We have been working so hard this year on our sight word recognition and I am so excited to say that every single student knows at least 30 words! That is so huge being that the expectation from my district is that Kinders need to know 20 at the end of the year. I've never paid much attention to that expectation because I know that my kids can do so much more than that!
How many sight words do your kiddos have to know?
Sight Word Scoops will be coming to my store during Winter Break!
So I got off of work yesterday and there were two of the cutest golden puppies waiting for me in my garage.
The Mister and I are dog sitting for my in-laws while they go and visit my nephew! We are seriously in love with these two! Their names are Scotty and Sherlock and they are the sweetest things! They have been so fun to watch, play, and snuggle with! The Mister and I would love to get a puppy for ourselves but with the new house, dog sitting is definitely letting us get our fill of puppy love!

I'm so glad that the Christmas season is here! We just started really getting into it in the classroom and the kids are loving it! I recorded Elf the other day and I am watching it now! I love that movie! It is one of my Christmas favorites for sure!
Have a happy weekend! 

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